Easel Card ~ With Scented flowers

Make your miniature flowers ahead of time





The Scented pourri rocks with the paper.in a bottle for at least a year. This was not my intentions for them to sit so long. So, I will go for a shorted period of time, I am sure if you make your miniature flowers and let them sit for a week would be just as effective. Make your flowers and add scented rocks pourri ( from your local dollar store) Then lets sit as long as you would like. I made a lot and used some for other projects. This was the first project I actually got time to post.


 Make many and let them sit in a small container, use when needed.

how to scent

Today , was the day to take them smell the aroma of the awesome scented paper miniature flowers. I made my first scented flowers and I could say,  there will be some more of this in the future. I think I will work with some other scents to create some unique paper. But, for now lets Show off the Easel, card  for this is the purpose I am writing the post.


First , lets get our paper supplies and cut and color our projects.

cut and color

forgive me for not having the dimensions of paper. I was in a hurry for a gift card for a friend, and wanted to documents some of the process. In my original project I started with a rose. I was not pleased with the rose on the card yet I did like the results of the rose. As you can see in the photo it was not quite what I was looking for. So, I pulled out the scent flowers from a time in the past, when I was making a container’s full of miniature flowers.


So, you pull out your stamps, round corners snip, your glue sticks and stamp you projectI colored all my items and colored the edges of my easel frame to give it some antique look then the I stamped the swirls of the tree tops only. To make flourished stamped backing on the cardstock. next, I ended up swapping out the rose for the scented miniature flowers. I seem to have made a better choice doing this. That’s what I like about cards, we are not set in gold our choices and we can make what is pleasing to the eye of the author.


Here is a close up view of the rose. it was a master piece yet did feel right to have the butterflies fighting over one rose. So I had some prepped miniature flowers. and if I do say so myself I liked the better

easel card projext

Finally, after all the fuss what to do with the rose. I added the rose on the bed of scented flowers. This gave in some depth and really gave the rose a little more appeal then sitting alone. I hope you agree.Now, lets explain about the hole In the top. Since it is a scented card. you can hang the card. This is a nice aroma or place a bow. I could find my ribbon in the move yet. and I work hard just hooking back up my Robo-craft just to get this project started. I hate when you move. All things take time to get there place of comfort. Just so you know, I never really know how the projects going to look like until its complete. All I do is find a lot of things I like. grab all the colors I have that will relate to the paper or stamp I choose. Then watch the magic happen.



How to Label your card correctly

How to Label Your Greeting Card

A –  Z  Cards  will have

  • Name of the Card
  • Sketch of the Card ( just click the photo and it will really enlarge )
  • Tutorial of the Card ( just click the links that are active )

Feel free to use the labels just mention Overboard Creations.

A- Frame Cards and their sub-existing counter parts

a frame cards

defined as:  a support structure shaped like the letter A

A –  Z


Accordion Cards and their sub-existing counter parts

accordion cards


defined as : having a fold or folds like the bellows of an accordion:

• to open by folding back or pressing together in the manner

of an accordion:  to fold, crush together, or collapse in the

manner of an accordion

A –  Z

Book/Box Cards and their sub-existing counter parts

book or box cards

define as: *Greeting card with attached box for larger gifting needs. Attached to a greeting card. * Homemade paper gifting with message of sweet greetings, in the crafting circles.

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Easel Cards and their sub-existing counter parts

easel cards

define as: a self-supporting  frame for holding an artist’s work

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Gate Cards and their sub-existing counter parts

Gate Fold Cards

define as: A gate fold is created by folding the ends of a page inward so they meet toward the middle of the piece.

  • Castle Fold
  • Gate fold Altered Card
  • Gate fold Double Card
  • Gate fold PYRAMAGE
  • Gate fold Window Card
  • Latch Fold Card

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Gifting Cards and their sub-existing counter parts

GIFTING or money cards

  • Gift Cards
  • Money Cards

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Kinetic Cards and their sub-existing counter parts


define as: of or relating to the movement of physical objects

  • Action Card Template
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  • Exploding Card
  • Free Standing Pop-Up Card
  • Hidden Message Cards
  • Lever Cards
  • Magic Window Card
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  • Secret Panel Card
  • Shaker Card n box
  • Slider Card
  • Swing Card AKA FLIP FLOP
  • Swing Double card AKA Double Flip  Flop Card
  • T slider Cards
  • Telescoping Cards
  • Venetian Blind Card
  • Waterfall Card
  • Wheel Card
  • Wiper Card

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Lacing Cards and their sub-existing counter parts

Lacing Cards

defined as: n. obs. A punched cardswith all holes punched

a punch card

defined as: noun a card having holes punched in specific positions and patterns. adapted to crafting for

  • Embroidery Cards
  • Lacing body forms
  • Lacing Cards
  • Ribbon sliders and lace ups
  • Ribbon Weave Cards
  • Stitch cards
  • Weaved Frame ribbon technique

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Novelty Cards and their sub-existing counter parts

Novelty cards

define as: Any postcard created with features beyond a standard postal size or containing asimple picture can be considered a novelty card. Many novelties were printed on unusual substances such as wood or leather, and were die cut into strange shapes or puzzles.*The quality of being new, original, or unusual

  • ATC
  • Circle Cards
  • Photo Frame
  • Postcards
  • Recipe Cards
  • Shape Cards
  • Sketch Cards

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Petal Cards and their sub-existing counter parts


defines as: Petals are modified leaves that surround the reproductive parts of flowers. Often misspelled as pedal which is a foot mechanism. The amount of petals can vary upon of card design.

  • FLOWER Petal FourFold
  • Flower Petal Six Fold
  • Petal Cards
  • Serviette Napkin Fold Cards Pattern
  • Star Petal Card

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Pocket Cards and their sub-existing counter parts


define as: A receptacle, cavity, or opening

  •  Diagonal Double Pocket Card
  •  Diaper Fold Pouch
  •  A Frame pocket cards  / pic tutorial

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Pop-up Cards and their sub-existing counter parts

Pop-up Cards

define as: having pieces of artwork fastened to the pages so that when the page is opened,a three-dimensional cutout or object is formed and, sometimes, movement of apicture element, such as a door opening, can be activated by pulling a tab

  • Pop up cup cards
  • Pop up slider card
  • Pop up spiral
  • Pop ups twister cards
  • V fold Cards aka Pop out Cards

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Shaped  Cards and their sub-existing counter parts

Shaped or Shape Cards

defined as: the external form or appearance characteristic of someone or something; the outline of an area or figure. in a card structure the outline figure is welded side by side or back to back, to form a folding pattern in a A-Frame design.

  • Apple
  • Baby Bottle Card
  • Bib card
  • Birdhouse
  • Camera card
  • Cat Card
  • Champagne Card
  • Cloud Card
  • Cupcake card
  • Easter Basket
  • Fortune Cookie
  • Game Controller
  • Gift boxes (3)
  • Graduation Cap
  • Hands card
  • Hawaiian shirt
  • Heart shaped card
  • Hello bear
  • Honey comb card
  • House card
  • Ketchup Invitation
  • Kimono Light house card
  • Lips
  • Little Girl Dress
  • Ocean cruise ship
  • Princess Card
  • Purse Card
  • Rabbit Card
  • Route 5
  • Santa hat
  • Ship
  • Slice of bread
  • Swan Card
  • Train Engine Card
  • Tree card
  • T-shirt

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Shutter Cards and their sub-existing counter parts


define as: each of a pair of hinged panels, often louvered, fixed inside or outside a windowthat can be closed for security , privacy, or to keep out light.

  •  Double Display Card~ repeat a subject over in actions
  •  Double Tri-Shutter Card
  •  Never Ending Card
  •  Trifold shutter cardA –  Z

Spring Cards and their sub-existing counter parts

Spring cards

define as: move or jump suddenly or rapidly upward or forward.*originate or arise from.*the season after winter and before summer. Also include bounce, springs back and forth “like a bed spring”

  • Bendy card
  • Card on Card
  • Diamond Fold Card
  • Double Diamond Fold Card
  • Double Tent Card
  • Seasonal Spring Cards
  • Slice forms cards
  • Squash Book
  • Theater Cards
  • Tunnel cards

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Stepper Cards and their sub-existing counter parts


define as: an act or movement of putting one leg in front of the other in walking or running.

Adopted to card markers as steppers of the continuous steps in construction.

  •   Center Step Card
  •   Circle Side-Step Card ~ aka rocker card
  •   Double Side Step Card
  •   Full step card
  •   Oval Stepper card
  •   Side Step Card
  •   Stepper cards
  •   Three or four, Stair Card
  •   Three steps card
  •   Vertical step card


A –  Z

Technique Cards

Technique Cards

define as: the manner and ability with which an artist, writer, dancer, athlete, or the like employs the technical skills of a particular art or field of endeavor.

Note: All pertain to card stock constructive base design technique

  • Balloon Cards
  • Bow front cards
  • Braided Cards
  • Digital Cards
  • Folded Handbag Card
  • Heart Cards
  • Iris fold cards
  • Lattice Cards
  • Monogram Cards
  • Mosaic Cards
  • Negative and Positive

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Window vs Aperture Cards

Window vs Aperture Cards

Window vs Aperture Cards there is a key element in the description of a window vs Aperture Card >underlined in the definition< a glass or transparent material. So in other words if you have an opening on your card and use acetate to cover the opening of the gap. In now has become a window card. Aperture Cards are just openings.


an opening, as a hole, slit, crack, gap, etc.


1. an opening in the wall or roof of a building or vehicle that is fitted with glass or other transparent material in a frame

2. a thing resembling a window in form or function, in particular.

WINDOW Cards are known as Aperture Cards

  • Window cards with acetate
  • Window cards that look like windows
  • Aperture cards
  • Gothic windows interchangeable fronts

After reading these definitions, incorporate this into your projects let it be a guide for many crafting projects, for a better grasp at naming or cross naming your creative, talented, impressive designs that will identify you. All the definitions have come from the web dictionary’s. My research also included Blog sites, Pinterest, and surfing to create the extensive group of cards designs from a vast group of talented designers. There could be more undiscovered or new a card designs on the horizon.

by the Author of Overboard Creations