Altered cover A Frame Card ~ using wall paper swatches.

wallpaper swatch

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Well, I first want to say that I used a wallpaper swatch to cover the cardstock, to alter the A frame card front. Really gives a elegance of rich feel to the paper stock card. The card base is 6 by 9 and the I cut the wallpaper swatch to 6 by 6. cover the card stock with the wallpaper swatch and then fold in half.  I used a glue stick and a small brayer to make a tight sell with the glues as well as the crease fold on center. 20639618640_6a9ed827bf_z

Next I used a couple of cut outs from a 2 and 1/4 square punch with scallop edges from another wall paper swatch that matches the series of the rose print. It was a wood grain print and look quite fitting for the roses grow on a braches. I hope you agree.


of course a card needs sentiment and I choose this from one of my packages of God sentiments for friends. A great find from a thrift store on one of my weekly visits. Of course when I create I use all I got stuff. I not one that skips to the local AC Moore’s to use my 50% off coupons. Except I really like a trip there now and again. Yet, I sure find some good stuff at the thrift store.


Next I prep the edges and stamp the scallops squares with the rustic and black ink. To pop the quote the black had to be rich and I used a rich stamping pad. Now, lets see the final basic card after gluing on the scallop squares Then you can begin to embellish from here. I am just leave it for a basic card statement.


Thanks for stopping by and seeing our Altered cover A Frame Card.



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